Our Residents LOVE Activities!

A dedicated team of activity professionals at Sarah Reed develops programs that improve and enhance the lives of our residents. Activities here are not only fun, but are effective in motivating and stimulating residents physically, mentally, and emotionally. Creative approaches to engage residents are implemented in both individual and group settings. here to view our current activity calendar


“Activities are very important to me because (laughing) I’m lazy! I would stay in my apartment all the time if it weren’t for activities! The activities keep me active mentally and physically — they are a necessity to me! It would be a pretty dull life if you didn’t do anything.”

— Jane Taylor
Apartment Resident


“I love music — it takes all the stress and worries away. My favorite activities are listening to Lois play the piano, sing-a-longs, and the Never 2 Late programs with Camille. I really enjoy the Special Entertainments when they have Country singers, and I love it when they put on the Carnivals a couple of times of year!”

— Max Alwens
Nursing Home Resident


“I enjoy Bingo, the pets coming to visit — I love dogs, especially when they give me a kiss! Activities builds me up, they help to relax me, absolutely HAPPY — they give everybody a smile!”

— Carole Smith
Nursing Home Resident


“The activity programs help to pass the time of day for me- keeps me active. We anticipate the get-togethers no matter what it is. We try to welcome the new residents and invite them to come to activities!”

— Charles Maka
Nursing Home Resident



We are pleased to offer the Silver Sneakers Program right here in our atrium! A certified instructor guides participants through fun and gentle exercises during 45 minute classes which are offered 2 times a day, 3 days per week. This program helps to improve general stamina, range of motion for arms and legs, and circulation. 


Mind/Body Connection

In the nursing home we utilize programs including aroma therapy, visual imagery stimulation, relaxation techniques, therapeutic music, drumming, and music movement for pain management, minimizing stress, depression, or anxiety. Arts and crafts classes give the residents the opportunity to let their creative juices flow! We offer the “Never-2-Late” computer technology program to our residents. This portable unit offers challenging games, movies, old TV shows, exercise programs, internet surfing, You Tube, various videos, and music. 



Each month we celebrate our residents’ birthdays with a social featuring live entertainment and refreshments.  Additionally we schedule at least two special evening entertainments, and two afternoon special entertainments per month. Family and friends may enjoy along with the residents!


Fun, Games, & Outings

Scheduled trips and outings are offered by the activities department.  Trips to restaurants, the beach, and rides to view holiday lights, are among the residents’ favorites. Our most anticipated fun gatherings are the “carnivals” we hold twice a year, and our huge annual Holiday Party! The Holiday party always features extra special entertainments, cookies and beautifully wrapped presents. All year long the residents enjoy card playing, bingo, corn hole, Wii bowling and more!



A beautiful interdenominational chapel offers residents and families of all faiths the opportunity to worship individually. Organized spiritual activities include interdenominational prayer services, catholic masses, rosary, communion services, bible discussions, and hymn singing.


Interested in becoming a volunteer?

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